Verdun’s Smoking Gun

                                                               by Nancy Snipper

 Tobacco kills. We all know that. Imperial Tobacco should be called Perilous Tobacco. Regardless of our government’s massive campaign warning us all of nicotine’s lethal effects, and doctors’ stern words to quit smoking, it seems to be going up in smoke in Verdun, Montreal. Having recently moved from NDG, I am appalled at the sea of smokers striding Verdun’s sidewalks. The area is congested with coughers at almost every corner! Some look as old as 14. The stench of cigarette smoke in the air is pungent. Our downstairs epitomize what goes on here - in their backyard from 10 a.m. - stopping at 8 pm. Forget about opening the windows of my walk-up one floor above. Much as I find Verdun, colourful, friendly and full of outdoor recreational facilities, I think a more fitting name for my newly adopted neighbourhood would be Vraidumb!

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