Our Vets Have Been Voided!

by Nancy Snipper

In Canada’s fields the souls now fall
of those who risked their lives for all.
And now these vets are left behind
with other heroes of great heart and mind.
No gathering place to call their own,
All they get is to suffer alone.
Can’t be with others to share those times
Where bravery and fear were their only life-line.
To war they went, now home they die
Not by the enemy but by the Harper cry.
So cold of heart, so bleak of mind
A leader whose only care
is to kill their pride.
It’s so unfair.
Is this the way to thank them all?
Bleed them dry and take their dough
Oh Steven Harper, you reap what you sow.

“Oh Canada, our home and native land,
True patriot love”  
(in a song, but not for man!!)

{Written in response to Canada’s closing veteran offices}
{Écrit en réponse au  fermeture des bureaux vétéran par le Canada}

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