Techniques Auto Verdun Inc.

The Garage with heart and a whole lot more! 

 by Nancy Snipper

Techniques Auto Verdun Inc.

In this day and age, it’s so difficult to find a garage that can fix your car from head to toe, and make you feel happy – even lucky that you nailed the best car doctor in town.   I’m talking about a very special garage: Techniques Auto Verdun Inc in Montreal, Quebec.
APA approved and owned by the Trinidadian-Canadian Dickson family of East-Indian descent, the garage is stocked with men whose smiles are as genuine and warm as the level of excellence of the work they do. These fellows have been repairing cars and doing superb body work for ten years, and they love what they do. They have two class-one mechanics working in the garage – a rarity to find such high qualifications these days. A team of family members work darn hard to get it right with your car and they always succeed. Their resident mechanic, veteran Claude Laneuville whom everyone calls the “yoda master" of mechanics has been with the garage for 40 years; he stayed on when the Dicksons bought it.

One stop shopping  that is so convenient
You’re never just a number at Techniques Auto Verdun. As Alan, the manager said, “We care so much about cars, as much we care about their owners – and that’s a lot”. In fact, when I brought my car in to fix the rust on both sides of the car at each door bottom, Alan was so committed into   getting rid of it. Karim – his body man – works on the aesthetics of cars, and this guy is amazing. Alan called me over to show me the job Karim did on my Hyundai, Elantra. I couldn’t believe it Wow!
What I loved was watching their enthusiasm and pride that made me know they strive for perfection to get an immaculate end result. They were as excited as I was. And boy, they produce results!
On the interior of the driver’s door, Karin had taken the panel off working to the bone sanding to ensure all rust was completely gone – rust that one can’t see unless that indoor panel is removed.

These guys are my car heroes!  
Can you believe it, but Alan actually walked over to my street where my car was parked before he even started the job - just to take a look. Now that’s a first. He spoke to me about why it was rusting and how to stop it further and possible options.
Being a single woman, I’ve been taken by poor workmanship and gouged where inflated costs to get my car fixed backed me into a corner to concede.
That didn’t happen with me here. I was astounded by their respect and reassurance. I could see they really stand by their word and workmanship.

 They’re honest and their integrity was obvious
They went the extra mile and then some. They even fixed the lopsided gas tank cover and touched up all the small areas that marked my car that was now approaching 10 years of age.  With their passion and incomparable expertise, they turned my car into a spanking slick-looking white car. No wonder, they are experts on high-end cars, such as jaguars and crème de la crème collector models, and though mine is a mere “commoner”, it didn’t matter to them. They took so much care in making it look like a high-end beauty. Plus it was ready in two days!!!
The price was so reasonable, especially since I know how expensive body work can run. I wanted to stay and chat, even hug them, for they truly rescued me. I knew where I would be heading in the event of any future car calamity.
“Thank you, Alan, Karim and the gang of great guys at Techniques Auto Verdun!”

Here is the garage’s address: 640 avenue Gordon, Verdun, QC H4G 2R9.
The phone number is (514) 751-2525.
Their email is:

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