Healing the body with heated stones
on San Miguel’s Gimbo bed

by Nancy Snipper

It’s magic – just like the city itself. Set yourself down on a hard bamboo bed under which is a thousand semi-precious stones that are heated to work their magnetic energies as they penetrate your body to basically banish your imbalances and chronic illnesses. The stones are red amethyst, black jade, Biotitic, germanio,  yakodol, kiyoseki and cheongwang. Their healing specifics include, blocking electromagnetic, radiation, negative ions, augmentation of energy and body temperature, anti-oxidant and balancing and heightening energies.
Before I lay on my bed, I had to drink a special half-bottle of water from Queretaro (a nearby city) that was ionized and alkaline balanced. This was to rid your body of the toxins that circulated in the body at a heightened rate due to these beds that do indeed bring the blood toxins to the surface to be expelled after drinking the rest of the bottle of water after your 40-minute treatment. I don/t understand the total process, but the easy-to-read booklet plus a video are there to examine. I know that there is a grand benefit to what happens to you once you immerse yourself in Gimbo therapy
I met women there who are diabetic, arthritic and suffering from nerve diseases. They attest to their wellbeing of better health through these Gimbo beds.
I loved the heat, circulating into my body and witnessed the power of these stones before I tried the treatment. My attendant put a little magnet into a cup on the bed and it spun around in circles. The hot spot for the bed is marked with amethyst.  
How did I feel after? Renewed, energized, and my back pain was gone.
This Korean invention is over 1000 years old. It is recommended for those suffering from over 22 illnesses, including Parkinson, rheumatism, obesity, migraines, even tumors.
Is Gimbo a god for well being or a mere gizmo? You decide.
The address to try this wonderful healing method is at # 35 Insurgentes.
 Phone (415) 152-0100

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