San Miguel de Allende's best hairdresser


by Nancy Snipper

Her name is Vero and her husband is Juan Calros, Both are artistically inclined, Vero has been doing hair for over 26 years and she is  also a genius make-up artist – The Day of the Dead in San Miguel sports many of her make-up faces. They are so detailed, they appear like tattoos. Vero is fun and highly creative. Her hubby is the side-kick; he behaves like an adorable clown, but take one look at the fantasy nails he does for women, and you know this guy is all business.
I was astounded by their marvelous rapport with their clients, I was 5 hours in the chair, and yet it was I that was entertained completely by their wit and remarkable caring as to my hair.
Go there and be amazed.
Catrina is a cool place that brings beauty to your hair. Vero did to mine, so remember the hairdressing name of Catrina, which she and her husband own.  It’s at #104 Relox Street.

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