A Therapeutic Session that Deeply Heals

by Nancy Snipper

 A pendulum, hard plastic, heated hand rests, different coloured infrared lights applied to my different chakras, metal “prongs” to test the alignment and balancing of these chakras before the healing begins, a quartz mask – these are the “tools” that the gentle voiced Dr Norma A. Morin Maya uses to bring your soul, body and spirit into blissful peace. Her company is Serenity, and the name is apt.
Dr. Maya has studied intensely over a dozen techniques of body healing. I went through testing, cleansing, emotional breaking, and liberation. I have never experienced anything like that in my life.

At the end of my detox session held in San Miguel’s magical Juarez Park, I felt an openness, a contentment I had not felt before I set myself prone on her bed.
I loved her voice, her questions and the top attention she paid to my body and emotional issues.
If I were to move to San Miguel de Allende, she is the one Dr. I would see once a week – not the chiropractor, not the osteopath, not the masseuse, not the reiki expert – oh no; it would be Dr Maya in whom I would put my complete trust, and I would know – that after each visit, I would be getting closer to my authentic, vulnerable self, and I would cry  when – as I did after my first experience Dr. Maya laid her hands on mine. Maybe I will move just because of her.
Did I mention that her sweet smile, pure brown eyes and amazingly gentle face with a voice to match reminded me of Our Holy Maria. 

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