La Floret

The Flower Shop with the Loveliest Flowers and Owner

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

When I moved to Verdun, something drew me into La Floret. As soon as I walked in, a splendid array of flowers greeted my senses, and along with this, the winning sweet smile of the store’s owner, Antonia. No hard sell with her; she just oozes sublime gentleness and humility.
Antonia has a Greek background, and as we all know, the Greeks are known for their generosity and hospitality. Every time I need a flower boost and a chance to feel happy by chatting with her, I always go to la Floret.
I end up walking out with my favourite flower: Casablanca lilies, and her prices are a steal.
Antonia donated heaps of bouquets and arrangements to the launch of my poetry/short story book, Beyond the Dream, Epic Solitude (see SMR Culture Plus). I honestly think it was her spirit of giving and the floral arrangements she made for the event helped get my book off the ground and into dream land.
Immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere of La Floret, meet Antonia and take time to smell the flowers. I am sure, you will not walk out of there empty handed.
She can handle any occasion: weddings, graduation, birthdays and more.

The address is: 5117 Rue de Verdun, QC, H4G
Call (514) 270-0088

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