Croque ta Vie… a Gratonic Goodie!


Gluten and dairy-free health treats

reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Forget about the power bars and all those commercially attractively packaged foods that tell you no fat and really low in carbs. Who knows where the truth lies. Well, it lies in this sensational new snack product: Croque ta Vie.

What a great snack this foodie find is. The product is energizing and best of all, it’s gluten and dairy-free – created by a mother inspired by her children to create a fine foodie munchie that is 100% healthy.
They come in bars and bite-size bits.
Made by marathon runner, Sophie Pelletier-Roy in her Mirabel “kitchen”, Croque ta Vie makes granola bars and cereals from natural and organic ingredients with 10-12g of protein. They come in seven great flavours, including apple, chocolate, ginger, and more!

Enpowering and energizing for all ages. Gratonic is putting pure health in a delicious way into your body. I know, I couldn’t get enough of them when I tasted them at the press conference for Festival de Nouveau Cinema in Montreal.

You can go to or on Facebook to see more information about the product.

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